Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seasons Changing In Michigan

What an amazing summer! This really has been one of the best summers of my life. There were many new experiences and amazing opportunities. The big thing that happened for me this summer though, was that I reconnected with Christ in a very new and different way.

I have really "grown up" a lot while being away from home. I am certain part of it comes from being away and, somewhat, fending for yourself. I am learning to do things alone....not constantly being surrounded by friends like at Huntington. I do, however, find myself searching out people to do things with. That is a good thing though because typically I just wait until people ask me to do things. This is an improvment!!I was, however, blessed to have my family come for a visit a few weeks ago. Mom, Nana, and Aunt Pat all came up for a lovely weekend of showing them around Ann Arbor and Saline. It was great to see them....I missed them so much!! Also, I had the honor of having four awesome friends visit me over labor day weekend. It was so good to see them, catch up on life, and have some pretty funny moments together!! Yay for good friends :)

Along the ministry side of things, life is going excellent!! I just began teaching junior high Sunday school. It was incredibly fun and awesome!! There are two sets of twins and a set of quadruplets!!! How insane is that!! It was really fun to get to know them and welcome the new 7th graders into the class! I was truly blessed by them in even the first day!

We also got moved into our new space! That really is a blessing! The new youth center is really cool and is still a work in progress....but theres furniture, carpet, and some AWESOME CUSHIONS!!!! I may have helped Emily pick out the cushions at Ikea! What an odd but awesome store. It really takes time to figure out that place and we spent a large amount of time there!!

This has been a very busy but very rewarding last few weeks. I have gotten to see friends and family as well as deepening my relationship with Christ and with those here in Michigan. God certainly works in His own timing and ways!! But I love that He does!!

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